Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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Over the weekend we headed out to Richmond, California for SPOCOM. This event was held at the beautiful Craneway Pavilion. Here is a quick recap of the event courtesy of our staff photographer Jerry Rodrigo. Huge shout out to SPOCOM for inviting us out to this awesome event. Can’t wait to attend the next one!

Liberty Walk GTR from R.Rydes.
Speed Element’s Rocket Bunny FR-S.
Real simple and clean Mercedes.
Lovin the color on this G37.

Some pretty insane wheels.
Oak Creek Vintage’s VW.
Nicely done LS from Endless Projects.
Jay’s Laguna Seca Blue EVO 8 MR.
Jay’s Lexon Exclusive Lexus IS.
VIP’d Out.
Old school Audi.
John of Pristine Parts x Team REV. Great seeing this awesome build.
Very clean IS300 from Screwball.
Some awesome rims on this ride from Dialed In.
The Onpoint 1516 family.
For as long as I’ve been going to shows. This Integra has always been a favorite.
Lovin’ the color and build on this Infiniti.
Audi Wagon, looking really aggressive.
Photos taken from the SPOCOM NORCAL event was taken by “Jerry Rodrigo”, for future inquires please contact him directly at
For more information on this event visit:


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